SMXC Awards

Saint Mark's XC Team Awards

The Saint Mark's XC team awards are given at the end of the XC season at the awards banquet.

Joe O'Neill Award

The Joe O'Neill Award is a very prestigious award named after the late Joe O'Neill. The recipient of this award is a team leader, role model, and positive voice for the program in the running community. This award is the highest honor you can receive while running XC for Saint Mark's High School. The recipient models faith, excellence, humility, and integrity.



2018- Kacey Tramont

2017- Cameron Johnson, Lauren Augustynowicz

2016- Madison Sycalik

2015- Analise Kaminski

2014- Allie Spurrier, Amanda Smith

2013- Carin Prechtl

2012- Marissa Chamness

2011- Erica Trofa

2010- Beth Sowden

2009- Pam Zhang



2018- Jack Daly


Most Valuable Runner Award

The Most Valuable Runner (MVR) award goes to the runner on the team that made the biggest impact on the program. It does not necessarily have to be based on overall performance, but the way the runner carries himself/herself in her racing should be heavily considered. The Most Valuable Runner takes all practices, workouts, and races very seriously, and leads the team in every way possible.



2018- Tiffany Herrera

2017- Ana Dacey

2016- Ana Dacey, Sarah Donaldson

2015- Analise Kaminski

2014- Analise Kaminski

2013- Analise Kaminski

2012- Analise Kaminski

2011- Danielle Wegrzyn

2010- Emily Frydrych

2009- Emily Frydrych



2018- Connor Hessler


Spirit Award

The Spirit Award goes to the athlete on the team with the best team spirit. This athlete shows up on race day with a strong desire to compete, and he/she makes other athletes feel better about their races with their positive attitude. This is the athlete you would go to for a pep talk prior to an important race!



2018- Ashley DiOrrio

2017- Maggie Myers

2016- Sarah Eissmann

2015- Brenna Marzano

2014-Kathryn Fish

2013-Tara Langan, Allison Duplessis

2012- Allison Gawinski

2011- Rachel Wayne

2010- Grace Baker, Rachel Spurrier



2018- Ethan Kacmarcik


Leadership Award

The Leadership Award goes to an upperclassman who shows strong leadership skills. The Leadership Award involves being a role model for the team in training, races, as well as outside of athletics. As a junior or a senior, he/she possesses unwavering character, commitment, and is able to effectively convey his/her knowledge of racing to other runners. This recipient would be a person to speak on behalf of the team.



2018- No award given

2017- Sarah Donaldson

2016- Cameron Johnson, Maggie Myers

2014- Brittany Walls

2013- Hannah Falchuk

2012- Carin Prechtl

2011- Lauren Carroll

2010- Roseena Hardcastle, Jill Allen


2018- No award given


Spartanrunner Award

The Spartanrunner Award goes to the athlete on the team that has the most enthusiasm for Saint Mark's XC. This athlete bleeds XC Green and Yellow, and he/she shows a strong desire for personal growth and team success. The Spartanrunner Award is generally given to a rising future leader of the team.



2018- CC Adair

2017- Maddy Pruitt

2016- Kacey Tramont

2015- Cameron Johnson

2014- No award given

2013- Kristen Basciani

2012- Rachel Gagnon



2018- Greg Savin

Most Improved Runner

The Most Improved Runner goes to a RETURNING runner who made the biggest jump from last season to this season OR from the start of the season to the end. Emphasis for this award will be based on performance in meets, BUT an improvement in leadership should also be heavily considered.



2018- Olivia Davis

2017- Andie Moran

2016- Ana Dacey, Liz Steenkamer

2015- Lauren Augustynowicz

2014- Caroline Puhl

2013- Sarah Pettoruto

2012- Krista Charamella

2011- Danielle Trofa

2010- Danielle Wegrzyn

2009- Izzy King



2018- Jack Cleary

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie of the Year Award goes to a new member of the team that has made the biggest impact on the team's success. You should consider performance, enthusiasm, and a willingness to be a future leader of the program.



2018- Stephanie Herrera

2017- Erin Gehbardt

2016- Sarah Donaldson

2015- Kacey Tramont

2014- Andie Moran

2013- Gillian Hamory

2012- Sarah Pettoruto

2011- Lauren Crouse

2010- Katrina Steenkamer

2009- Danielle Wegrzyn



2018- Dan Dougherty

Guts and Determination

The Guts and Determination Award goes the runner on the team who is the biggest "gamer" in races and workouts. This athlete is as tough as nails, and will go through a wall to help the team. This award could also be given to an athlete who battled adversity to come back and help the team.



2018- Erica Bauernschmidt

2017- Natalia Delgado

2016- Isabella Hanrahan,

2015- Allison Walls + Kelsey Ladics

2014- Allison Walls

2013- Allison Gawinski

2012- Madelyn Baker, Lauren Crouse

2011- Hannah Worsh

2010- Izzy King



2018- Aidan Campbell

2017- Eric Chapman

The Daily Grind-

The Daily Grind Award goes to the girl on the team who gives 100% effort in every single practice all season. This athlete would stay behind to do core, stretching, and visit the whirlpool. This athlete also pushes the workouts every single day in an effort to get better.



2018- Jordan Ormsby

2017- Callie Freda, Emily Gildea

2016- Lauren Augustynowicz

2015- Award given to every member of the team



2018- Luke Harrington

Video of the Year/Interview

Other Notable Awards throughout the years:

Runner of the Week Award

Given to the girl on the team with the most votes for Runner of the Week!

2015- Ana Dacey